Our Vision

  • To be recognized as a leader in promoting stick curling in Nova Scotia and Canada
  • To be recognized as a progressive leader in stick curling in Canada.
  • To partner with government, educational institutions and communities to promote and communicate a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • To work cooperatively with NS Curling Association, Sport NS, Canadian Stick Curling Association, Curling Canada, curling clubs and stick curling leagues to ensure the best possible curling experience for both club and competitive stick curlers.

Our Mandate

To promote and develop stick curling within Nova Scotia.

To maintain a close association with the Nova Scotia Curling Association (NSCA).

To represent Nova Scotia’s interest on the Canadian Stick Curling Association’s (CSCA) Board of Directors.

Mandate focus areas

  • Promote stick curling throughout all geographical areas of Nova Scotia
  • Increase participation in stick curling through club, inter-club and competitive leagues.
  • Develop and maintain a database of curling clubs, club contacts and individual stick curlers in Nova Scotia
  • Determine playing rules / guidelines in conjunction with NSCA and CSCA
  • Coordinate a provincial stick curling championship in conjunction with the NSCA including:
    1. Establish a championship hosting committee to develop minimum requirements and work with the host club
    2. Select competition dates
    3. Select a host club
    4. Determine format of play
    5. Ensure supervision of play and coordination of officials
    6. Determine draws and championship schedule
    7. Determine awards / prizes to be presented
    8. Seek championship sponsorship
  • Work cooperatively with the other Maritime provincial stick associations in organizing the Maritime Stick Curling championship

Our Values

The NSSCA values include a commitment to

  • excellence
  • inclusiveness
  • transparency
  • accountability
  • integrity

We will represent the interests of all Nova Scotia stick curlers and strive to expand our membership to include non-traditional groups. We will strive for gender and geographical representation on the Board to allow for balanced and informed discussion of issues. We will create, and maintain, a non-discriminatory environment where input from all members is encouraged and individuals are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

The NSSCA Board represents the membership, will conduct themselves in a transparent manner and will be accountable to those members. NSSCA is a non-profit organization and there will be full financial disclosure of its activities. The Board will strive to effectively communicate its plans, and the results to date accomplishing those plans, to the membership on an on-going basis.



The NSSCA will hold itself to the highest ethical standards in all of its dealings and in its interactions with members.

The NSSCA will always act in the best interest of the membership.



Bruce Densmore



Bruce's BIO

I am a retired CPA, CA. Spent most of my career as an assistant professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (17 years) and as president of an educational consulting company (15 years).

I bring board experience with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia board and serving as their last president before the merger of the three accounting bodies in Canada. I was also the inaugural chair of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia. Was also a long-serving member of the audit committee of the Halifax Regional School Board.

I am a hockey guy who found his way to stick curling after back injuries prevented participating in other sports. Immediately fell in love with stick curling and truly relish the ability to actively compete again.

Formed a competitive stick curling league in Nova Scotia after a trip to the 2018 national championships in Alberta.

Look forward to being the Chair of the Nova Scotia Stick Curling Association (NSSCA) and working with our very talented Board of Directors to move stick curling forward in Nova Scotia.

Betty Mattson



Betty's BIO

Betty Mattson is a member of the Wolfville Curling Club and is the Vice president of the Nova scotia Stick Curling Association. She has been interested in Stick Curling since her retirement from the Health care field. She has worked on numerous committees in Healthcare and is now spending time on the Provincial and National Stick Curling Association. Stick curling is a growing sport within Nova Scotia and Canada. It allows Seniors to remain active in the winter sport while enjoying the camaraderie of others. I look forward to enhancing the growth of this sport in my role as Vice President.

Jim Russell

At Large


Jim's BIO

Jim Russell has curled continuously since 1962.
Was President of the Halifax Curling Club 1998-1999
Represented NS in the 2009 Masters National Championships and the 2016 Canada Games
Won the National Stick Curling Championship in 2017 with teammate Milt Larsen
Was runner-up in the 2018 Maritime Stick Curling Championship with teammate Milt Larsen
Joined the NSSCA Board in 2019

Patti Simpson

Patti Simpson



Patti's BIO

Patti began curling and joined the Yarmouth Curling Club in 1992. She served on the Executive Association and Board from 2010-2017. In 2012, she embraced Stick Curling and has competed at the Provincial, Maritime, and National levels for the past 8 years.
Patti presently serves as Regional Director, South West with the Nova Scotia Curling Association as well as Secretary, Nova Scotia Stick Curling Association.

Patti looks forward to working with other Board members in providing leadership to promote and develop excellence in Stick Curling.

Lloyd Tancook

Lloyd Tancock

At Large

South Shore

Lloyd's BIO

LloydS BIO

Grew up in Chester, Entered RCMP after high school.

Went to Dalhousie Law School in 1976 then practiced law in the NWT for ten years before moving to Digby in 1988.

Crown Prosecutor in Digby and Bridgewater until retiring in 2016.

An avid curler, golfer and postal historian. Live in Dayspring. Married with three children and five grandchildren.

Kim Whytock

Kim Whytock

At Large


Kim's BIO

Kim Whytock is a member of the Mayflower Curling Club. He is interested in supporting growth of club and interclub stick game leagues throughout Nova Scotia. For many curlers new to the stick game, the pace and diversity of play is surprising. The stick game diversifies their curling experiences through providing opportunities to experience the role of skip and throwing all of the shots in an end.

Milt Larsen

Milt Larsen

At Large



Milt's BIO

Milt has over 50 years of curling experience. He made the move to skip in 2004, competing at Seniors, Masters and Grandmasters Provincial play downs and cash spiels.

He has been a stick curler for 7 years.

With team mate Jim Russell, they won Canadian Stick Curling Open Championship in 2017.

He is utilizing his coaching experience and is providing instruction at stick curling clinics.

Judy Power

At Large


Judy's BIO

Judy comes to the boards as a former Community Recreation Coordinator with the Halifax Regional Municipality with over thirty years experience working with community groups and organizations to provide access to various community recreation programs and services.

Judy is also a converted curler to the stick curling game as she has been a seven time finalist at the NS Scotties Provincial Curling Championship winning in 1990 with Heather Rankin and going on to the Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts in Ottawa – finishing second to Alison Goring from Ontario.

Judy’s other interests include golf, gardening, and especially her beloved dog, Guinness, who is a Certified Therapy Dog with St John Ambulance as they visit many schools, retirement communities, and organizations throughout HRM.

Elaine Orr

At Large



Elaine's BIO

Elaine is a member of the Truro Curling Club and presently serves as Treasurer on their Board of Directors.

Following retirement from a career with RBC, Elaine has been able to spend more time actively participating and enjoying the game of curling.  In 2019 she switched to using the stick and joined the stick league in Truro in 2020.  Having always playing front end she is enjoying the challenge and diversity of learning the stick game and calling the ends as a new skip.

She looks forward to serving on the Provincial Stick Curling Board with her fellow board members.  Her goal is to introduce, promote and increase participation in stick curling across our Province.

Gary Burton

Gary Burton

At Large



Gary's BIO

Bio is Forthcoming.


NSSCA’s mandate includes growing participation in stick curling in Nova Scotia.

We would like to offer stick curling clinics at your club using our experienced instructor group.

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